Where does EU money go?

We think good spending measures deserve recognition!

So do bad ones. And really ugly ones. All the effort governments put into hiding their fossil fuel subsidies behind promises to fight climate change shall not go unnoticed. After all, it sure takes a lot of time and ideas to find ever new creative ways of greenwashing.

That’s why we will be giving awards to the best, worst and ugliest ways in which EU money is spent!

Who will decide which spending measures are worthy of an award? YOU.

European institutions and national governments are spending your tax money – so it is you who should have a say in where they are doing an especially good or bad job. Given all the different funds through which EU money is allocated to actual projects, this might seem a bit tricky…

…that’s where we come in: For the EU Cash Awards, we are taking a close look at what EU countries are doing with their money. Between January 2020 and April 2021, we will publish what we think are good, bad and ugly measures. Then those measures will be put to a vote.

Time for your vote:

Get ready: From 12 to 24 April you have the chance to cast your vote for the best, worst and ugliest way of how EU cash will be spent.

We are asking for your vote to decide what is most threatening to the environment, climate and health and what is most helpful for building a better future for us all!

Help us expose financial support for fossil fuels, greenwashing and other ugly climate hazards. And help us in promoting projects that aim for clean energy, sustainable transport and agriculture, efficient buildings, … – in short: that will build a sustainable future for us all.

For now, you can already have a look at what has been going on so far. 

We will announce the award winners at our Award Ceremony on 29 April! 

Don’t forget to come back later to cast your vote!